Lehmstedt-Tanasescu reaction

What is Lehmstedt-Tanasescu reaction?

Lehmstedt extensively studied the methods for preparing acridones, despite not being the first person to synthesize acridone. These methods include the reaction between anthranilic acid and chloro-nitrobenzene, desulfurization of thioacridone by copper, and treatment of ortho-nitro benzaldehyde with chloro-nitrobenzene and sulfuric acid H2SO4.

Lehmstedt-Tanasescu reaction - general reaction scheme - Lehmstedt-Tanasescu method - Tanasescu synthesis
Lehmstedt-Tanasescu reaction

One of these methods, which involves o-nitrobenzaldehyde and halobenzene, is known as the Lehmstedt-Tanasescu method or Lehmstedt-Tanasescu reaction. It is also sometimes referred to as the Tanasescu synthesis.

The use of Lehmstedt-Tanasescu reaction is restricted in the synthesis of acridone derivatives.