Leuckart reaction

What is Leuckart reaction?

The Leuckart reaction, also known as the Leukart reaction, is a chemical process that involves the reductive alkylation of ammonium or amine salts of formic acid or formamides using aldehydes or ketones.

Leuckart reaction - general reaction scheme - Leuckart-Wallach reaction
Leuckart reaction

The reaction is referred to as the Leuckart-Wallach reaction when it is performed in the presence of excess formic acid.

On the other hand, the reductive methylation of primary or secondary amines using formaldehyde and formic acid is known as the Eschweiler-Clarke reaction or Eschweiler-Clarke methylation.

Eschweiler-Clarke reaction - general reaction scheme - Eschweiler–Clarke methylation
Eschweiler-Clarke reaction