Saegusa oxidation

What is Saegusa oxidation?

The Saegusa oxidation, which is also referred to as the Saegusa-Ito oxidation, is a chemical process that involves the conversion of silyl enol ethers into corresponding α,β-eneones. This transformation is achieved using stoichiometric amounts of palladium acetate, Pd(OAc).

Saegusa oxidation - Saegusa-Ito oxidation - palladium acetate Pd(OAc)
Saegusa oxidation


Synthesis of α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds by palladium(II)-catalyzed dehydrosilylation of silyl enol ethers
Yoshihiko Ito, Toshikazu Hirao, and Takeo Saegusa
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 1978 43 (5), 1011-1013
DOI: 10.1021/jo00399a052