Sharpless oxyamination

What is Sharpless oxyamination?

The Sharpless oxyamination is a chemical reaction that involves the osmium-mediated cis-addition of nitrogen and oxygen moieties to mono-, di-, and tri-substituted olefins. The resulting products are vicinal amino or amido alcohols. Sharpless was Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022.

Sharpless oxyamination
Sharpless oxyamination


New reaction. Stereospecific vicinal oxyamination of olefins by alkyl imido osmium compounds
K. Barry Sharpless, Donald W. Patrick, Larry K. Truesdale, and Scott A. Biller
Journal of the American Chemical Society 1975 97 (8), 2305-2307
DOI: 10.1021/ja00841a071