Heck reaction

What is Heck reaction?

The Heck reaction refers to a stereospecific palladium-catalyzed coupling process that involves the reaction of alkenes with organic halides or triflates lacking sp3-hybridized β-hydrogens.

Heck reaction - palladium-catalyzed coupling
Heck reaction
  • R4 = aryl, alkenyl, benzyl
  • X = I, Br, OSO2CF3
  • L = PAr3, DPP, BINAP (see acronyms)
  • base = NEt3, K2CO3, NaOCOCH3


R.F. Heck, J.P. Nolley, Jr., “Palladium-catalyzed vinylic hydrogen substitution reactions with aryl, benzyl, and styryl halidesThe Journal of Organic Chemistry 37, 2320-2322 (1972)