Advanced Organic Synthesis Experiments

Below are several experiments of greater complexity than in the Organic Synthesis Lab Experiments section. that can be developed in a practical advanced Organic Synthesis course.

Advanced Organic Synthesis Experiments

Image taken by Angel Sánchez

The origin of this greater complexity may be due to several reasons, such as: the reactions that are performed have more complicated reaction mechanisms, the procedures required to develop the syntheses are more sophisticated and, therefore, require the student to have passed a basic training in an Organic Chemistry laboratory (Organic Synthesis), the nature of starting products and/or reagents requires a very careful handling, or the initial and/or final products are not contemplated in the contents of an elementary course of Organic Chemistry.

Multi-step processes have a greater presence than in the Organic Synthesis Lab Experiments section.

In addition, several C-C bond formation procedures are also described, among others, through Wittig, Diels-Alder reactions or by using organometallic reagents, and the preparation and chemical modification of some heterocycles and natural products are studied.

In some cases, this type of reactions requires the use of special conditions such as inert atmosphere, gradual addition of reagents and/or the use of anhydrous solvents, which adds to the difficulty of these reactions.

The practicals of an advanced Organic Synthesis course can be carried out from the following list:

    1. Obtaining benzotriazole
    2. Ethyl acetoacetate synthesis
    3. Diels-Alder reaction between butadiene and maleic anhydride
    4. Synthesis of isopropylidene-D-glucofuranose
    5. Wittig reaction for obtaining 4-vinylbenzoic acid
    6. Synthesis of triphenylmethanol (triphenylcarbinol)
    7. Synthesis of 2-acetylcyclohexanone
    8. Synthesis of 2-aminobenzoic acid (anthranilic acid)
    9. Stereospecific synthesis of trans-1,2-cyclohexanediol
    10. Synthesis of 7-hydroxy-4-methyl-coumarin
    11. Multistep synthesis of a uridine-derivative nucleoside
    12. Synthesis of triphenylpyridine
    13. Isolation of limonene from citrus peel
    14. Preparation of 1-bromobutane
    15. Benzocaine synthesis
    16. (±)-α-Methylbenzylamine production
    17. Synthesis of n-butylbarbituric acid
    18. Benzoin synthesis and reactions